Gilteulades, new sponsor

The enterprising and energetic character that we share with Gilteulades has led us to a collaboration agreement that we have signed with great enthusiasm and that we hope will be the beginning of a long-term journey.

Specialists in the world of construction, Gilteulades has given value to an element that until a few years ago made no more sense than to be used as a roof. In the industrial field, the roof has become a key element that allows the company to improve energy efficiency, safety and even become a source of income and it is with this view that Gilteulades has grown and become a benchmark in the sector.

The ability to innovate and the will to always move forward are traits of Gilteulades personality that we fully share, because in the world of motorsport and as a professional driver it’s essential not to lose the energy to continue growing and advancing.

We are grateful for Gilteulades trust in Gerard Farrés project and look forward to sharing new challenges for many years to come.