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Thanks to my multiple experiences in the Dakar, where I have experienced extreme situations and where values such as sacrifice, perseverance or teamwork are key to overcoming all adversities, I can offer motivational talks for companies of any size and any sector.

Specifically, I present a dynamic talk, where I combine the explanations with real images and videos of the Dakar in order to find parallels between this race and the business world.

I put emphasis on some topics such as teamwork, with moments when it is essential to help others or for others to help you to achieve a shared objective, which in our case is to have a good competition. I also make references to concepts such as selfishness that should remain in the background or the fact of sharing the objective with the work team, because the work of each and every person is essential to achieve the results.

Positive mentality is another of the topics I deal with, from the conscious and subconscious, since things do not always go as planned and it is necessary to know how to manage disappointment. Positivity helps us overcome obstacles and have tools to solve them.

And I also talk about magical moments, as a result of effort and work. In our case, getting a podium in the Dakar is the result of intense work of more than 10 years and a reward for the effort, humility and commitment not only of the person who gets on the podium, but of an entire team.

In short, it is a motivational/improvement talk explained from the heart, full of real experiences (images and videos) that give it a greater degree of emotionality and, therefore, generate a deeper connection with the audience. The messages arrive more directly and this causes them to be remembered over time and have a very positive impact on the people who attend the session.

We look for parallels
between competition and the business world

practical information

How do we do it?

  • We offer dynamic talks with videos and real images of the Dakar
  • We encourage the participation of all attendees
  • We emphasize the importance of teamwork
  • We work on key values and attitudes in the workplace
  • We prepare a personalized budget on the time and space chosen
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