Let’s start the adventure!

It is clear that, if we join, we will be stronger. And that’s why we’ve joined the Bikefriendly team to launch a project that we’re very excited about, the Farreti experiences. The objective of this initiative is to organize motorcycle trips to live unforgettable experiences, where we will combine driving with nature and always enjoying good company.

The first Farreti experience will take place on the 4th and 5th of May, and, in this case, we will enter through five natural parks in Catalonia and, therefore, we will drive between mountains and lush forests. We will make two routes, one complete with asphalt and the other that will combine dirt and asphalt, so that everyone can choose the one they like best.

It will be two intense days of sharing good food, laughter and unique experiences. We like to say that we are motorcyclists,and we work for motorcyclists. We are not looking for clients, but travel companions with whom to share this passion.

Are you signing up?