8th position in the 2024 Dakar Rally

Without knowing if we could go there until a month before, we experienced a very intense Dakar, with an accident that had no consequences for our health, but which made us lose the lead and made it impossible for us to continue fighting for victory.

A rollover with the SSV changed our trajectory in a few seconds and only allowed us not to have to abandon and to be able to finish this hard race in 8th position. Once again, we have made an excellent team with co-pilot Diego Ortega, and we recognize that it has been an ‘unforgettable Dakar, a life lesson that will serve us for the future’.

Once again, we appreciate the support we have received from all the sponsors, collaborators and followers, since without them, it would not have been possible to set foot, once again, in the Arabian desert and live this unique experience with SSV.